01. Does love change according to culture?

In the time that I have been capturing the love of people, I have noticed something and that is that love is the same in each of these nationalities and cultures, some are shy, some are quite passionate, some have a balance between the two but all of them ultimately agree. summed up in one word and it is "love".

I still have many cultures and couples to meet but I am 100% sure that regardless of the place, they will all have that in common, which is like a universal language.

-Ronny Rondon Wedding Photographer

02. Spontaneous photos = Beautiful photos?

During a photographic session, be it a wedding, a family event or some engagement photos, the ideal is to be able to break that tension that there will always be at the beginning, people think that they should always look at the camera and smile when the idea is to be themselves and forget that there is a camera capturing everything... it's difficult, I know.

The idea is to get to know the people, their stories, their tastes and that they feel totally comfortable with you in that way they can flow in totality and that's where the magic begins.

Yes, Spontaneous photos = beautiful photos

-Ronny Rondon Wedding Photographer

03. Break the mould: Places to take photos

Each couple has their style, many prefer the traditional, going to a park in their hometown and then to the church that their grandmother attends every Sunday, other couples instead break that traditional system and take photos on a beach, a forest or a downtown of a city that they are totally unaware of or that they have always wanted to go to. others just prefer something a little different like a couple who instead of taking photos in central park asked me to take photos in SoHo.

The place you choose will be the right one if it corresponds to who you are in essence and if your love story goes hand in hand.

-Ronny Rondon Wedding Photographer

04. Returning to weddings

For personal reasons I had moved away from the world of wedding photography for 2 years.

It was not that I did not want to, believe me that I was always thinking of new stories to capture and share with you, already in the final stretch of 2022 I made my first and only wedding of the year, said wedding was a challenge but at the same time something so pleasant that I ended up enjoying it like never before.

05. 3 Reasons to elope

In one of my previous blogs I talked about breaking the mold referring to the places where to take your photos, this time I will talk about the reasons to "elope".

1- a "just us" experience

Elopements are beautiful options for people who don’t feel like the traditional wedding route is the right fit for them. An elopement grants them the freedom to decide how to commit their lives to each other. It creates a magical, intimate way for couples to make their wildest, most romantic dreams about their wedding day come true without asking them to sacrifice a single, intimate moment between the two of them.

2- Authenticity

Everyone is different, and everyone deserves to be authentically themselves on their wedding day. For people who don’t connect with big weddings, a traditional celebration can make you feel like you’ve been put into a box. Elopements are all about throwing that box out the window.

3- Intimacy & intention

Big weddings rarely allow time for intimate, intentional moments. Don’t blame the guests – it’s simply the nature of traditional weddings! More people, traditional actions that take up a lot of time, and expectations combine to eat up most (if not the entirety) of your wedding day.

there are many more reasons for a getaway such as "less family drama", "Goodbye to anxiety", "More adventures" but I understand that the ones detailed above are the most important.

06. How to choose the ideal plan for me?

When preparing the plans, I think of all kinds of couples so that we all win. One thing that must be clear is that your wedding photographs are not an expense but an investment that will accompany you forever.

Many couples believe they need 10-hour coverage when 6 hours is ideal to capture the essence of that wonderful day, others really need a full-day elopement to take their photos to another level.

Tell us your story and we will help you choose a plan that fits your needs


Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

Depending on the location, adjustments are made, within the United States, the Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic there is no additional cost for travel

What if we want something more extreme for our elopement?

We are currently prepared to go to the extreme as long as the safety of the work team is not endangered

We want to include our dog into the elopement ceremony and photos, is that okay?

I'd be offended if you didn't include it.

How long does it take to recieve the photos after the elopement and how will those be delivered?

The maximum delivery time is 10 days for photographs and 15 days for videos

Do we need a wedding officiant for our elopement? If yes, can you recommend one?

Everything will depend on the location, the ideal is for the couple to be in charge of choosing the one they like best

What if we legally don’t get married on our elopement day?

Nothing happens, the ideal is that if it is allowed but that does not prevent photos from being taken to represent the moment, then the couple can carry out the act of getting married